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July 23, 2013
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Oh, hello there. My name is Kenji, and I am your average young adult living in the Naka nation on planet Lycadia. Everyone used to live on a current-destroyed planet called “Earth”. Some people escaped, mostly Japanese-American cultures, and rebuilt their civilization in a new style. The five nations of this planet are known as Mizushima, Sanfanu, Naka, Nomura, and Sakurai, and we live in the second-poorest, Naka. The capital nation is Sakurai, where the high chairs of the world sit. The past enemies, the Monikura nation, put up a big war several years ago that lasted since around the same time we rebuilt Earth’s civilization on this planet, usually known as the “New World War”. About a decade ago though, peace has been restored and everyone’s all happy, blah blah blah-- But I smell something suspicious. The enemy’s actions don’t seem that friendly, they might be planning something. Of course though, every high chair fools us into thinking otherwise. The year is 2071, and stuff is going pretty well, aside the new “friends” we have. My real friends of course are Akira, my best bro, and...Mei...*happy sigh* U-uhm, anyway! My father died in the war when I was smaller, and I honestly hate them for that...*clenches his fist* mother is still alive, but she has been fighting cancer, I’m really worried. And my great great uncle Don, who is probably the only person on the planet who still knows the legend of the planet Earth. Uncle Don tells me that the first reincarnation of the Monikura nation attacked and blew up Earth a little more than 50 years ago. Anyway, I think I’ve explained enough of my past, now for the present.

It’s a beautiful summer morning, and I wake up, get dressed, etc. and I head downstairs to get the newspaper and grab a hot cup of coffee. I start the coffee maker then walk to the front door and grab the digi-gram. Now, for you who don’t really know what a digi-gram is, it’s basically a touch screen hologram that’s in the exact form of a newspaper, and the hologram comes from a small metal strip. It’s basically standards today. I open the newspaper up and my mother has come downstairs for some of the finished coffee on the counter. She looks at the newspaper, as she stands behind my chair and reads with me, sipping her coffee.

“Wow, looks like the Monikura is doing just fine today.” She states out of thin air.

“Don’t keep letting them fool you like that.” I reply gruntily. I stand up and go to pour a cup of coffee. The smell of it is making me notice my dry throat even more.

She sighs at that moment. “I really supposed you would say that. When will you accept that we are all friends now?”

I just stay silent and pour my coffee, and then go back to sit down at the table reading the paper.

“And I say again, you’re just getting fooled.” I say after moments of silence. After my cup of coffee is almost empty and I’ve had enough of the newspaper, I hand the digi-gram to my mother and walk up to my room with the cup. I sit there on my bed, drinking the last drips of coffee in the cup, thinking of my father and sigh.

“...why...?” I think to myself, hanging my head down in sadness.

Someone knocks on the front door, and moments later, I hear my mother shout up the stairs.

“KENJI! AKIRA’S HERE!” She shouts.

“OKAY, JUST SEND HIM UP HERE!” I reply, and so I get out of my emotional state for a moment and wait for him to come into my room. Soon enough, he opens my door and walks in.

“Hey hey hey, Ken, how’s it goin’?” He says with barely a care, walking around.

I sigh upon this statement from him, but then smile. “I’m doing fine I guess.”

He looks at me and knows I’m not as happy as usual. “Ok, bro, what’s been going on with you? You seem so down.” He asks as he plops down on my bed. “Are you depressed about waiting to tell Mei that you loooove her?”

I slightly blush and cringe at Akira. “N-no! It’s something else, something personal...”

“What is it?” He persistently asks.

I facepalm. “Ugh, fine! It’s my father’s death that’s bothering me...I can’t forget about
it, it scars me to death.”

Before Akira can jokingly remark, I cover his mouth. “NO pun intended.” I quickly state.

Akira looks at me with...that look and then turns around. I sigh. “Listen, I’ve been cooking up a plan...” I say quietly and slowly. He turns around and looks at me with a questioning look. “I think we should attack the Monikura.”

He straight-out slaps me. “ARE YOU NUTS!? ATTACK A HIGHLY-ARMED NATION THAT HAS ALREADY ATTACKED BEFORE AND RISK OUR LIVES!?!?!?” He screams, and I cover his mouth.

“Shhhhhh, listen, we’re gonna sneak attack them. We’re gonna make our way to the place they visit so frequently and mysteriously. Just trust me, I really need to do this, and I need your and Mei’s help.” I whisper.

He looks at me with distrust and then rolls his eyes. “Yeah, of course we will. We’ll even succeed too.” He states so sarcastically. “Oh, and of course you would also take your girlfriend.”

I slap him. “Shut it!” I look at him very desperately. “C’mon, please? I really, REALLY need this...I want revenge on those monsters for taking the person I loved...please...?” I give him the puppy eyes.

He just rolls his eyes. “Ok, I guess so.”

I jump up and down on my bed. “Awesome!”

He gets caught off-guard and falls off the bed. “Whoa! Slow down, Einstein! We still have to figure out how we’ll get out of our homes, and especially how we’ll convince Mei to come along.”

“Yeah...” I reply.

My first ever part of the story! I am proud to show you the premiere of an epic story...with a slow beginning of course!
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Zelink4eva123 Jul 29, 2013  Student Writer
It was very good :3
There were a few grammar mistakes that drove me a bit insane (says the one who makes grammar mistakes all the freakin' time)
but over all it was good.
The only thing that I thought could have been added was maybe a description of physical features so I can picture the characters similar to the way you do.
Zepto-Nova Jul 23, 2013  Student Writer
Cool! I should get a character toooooo *puppy eyes*
But anyway, I can't wait to read more. .D.
RetroGamingFan72 Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I can't wait for yours!

And thanks!~
Zepto-Nova Jul 24, 2013  Student Writer
.o. So I do have one... hehehehehhh

Np. ;D
JustACosplayer Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice! Totally looking forward to reading the rest when you finish.
RetroGamingFan72 Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! ^^~
JustACosplayer Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehehehe.... xD
RetroGamingFan72 Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XDDDD I know what joo are doing.
JustACosplayer Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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